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Electrosurgical blades are large surface active electrodes used by surgeons for incision. They are similar to scalpel blades but attached to a suitable radio frequency source. The major benefit of using an electrosurgical blades for operating is that they cauterize small blood vessels as the blade penetrate tissue.

Earlier the blades were stainless steel placed in electrical contact with a "patient plate." The "patient plate" was connected to the ground terminal of the radiofrequency source, while the cutting blade was connected to the "hot" terminal of the radiofrequency source. Radio-frequency current flows from the edge of the cutting blade to the "patient plate" through the patient. This technique could cause RF burns. The blades used these days concentrates the radio-frequency field to the immediate vicinity of the blade. A blade has insulating material with RF electrodes adjacent to one another. These blades require lesser power and are certainly more safe.

Importance of electrosurgical blades
An electrosurgical blade, used in electrosurgery, comprises a body having at least one conductive element which is covered by an insulation layer except at a portion of the conductor edge of the conductive element. Electrosurgical energy flows through electrosurgical blade to facilitate starting or initiating the electrosurgical process. The blade is so designed to prevent excessive delivery of electrosurgical energy to eliminate or reduce the production of smoke and reduce tissue damage.


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