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Electrosurgery is the cutting and coagulation using high-frequency, alternating currents. It includes

  • Electrobisection: Cutting with RF-currents (HF-currents). "Cold" cutting is electrobisection with smooth, non-modulated RF-current where as "Hot" cutting is electrobisection with a modulated RF-current such as blended or mixed currents.
  • Electrohemostatis: Sealing of small vessels and capillaries with RF-currents, using forceps,ball , blade and other large surface electrodes. It is also used for tissue destruction.
  • "Cold" coaguluation: Electrocoagulation with a smooth, non-modulated RF-current, employing coagulation electrodes such as clamps, balls, etc.
  • "Hot" coagulation: Electrocoagulation with modulated RF-currents such as spark-gap, TESLAR, etc., employing all kinds of electrodes, including cutting electrodes.
What are electrosurgical instruments?
Electrosurgical instruments are widely used most of the modern health care unita and hospitals. They are available in a variety of shapes and configurations and their main purpose is to cut tissues by means of high-voltage, high-frequency electrical energy. Most of the electrosurgical instruments are connected by electrical cords to electrosurgical generators .

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