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Double covering was considered a better protection from cross infection during surgery. Earlier manufacturers tried using other commercially available materials to make thick gloves , but the addition of resins hardened the gloves so much that surgeons and nurses could not maintain the necessary sensitivity. As a result, some surgeons now wear two sets of gloves--glove liners and a pair of gloves made from latex. The glove liners are also often used between the two latex gloves. Glove liners are thin enough to be worn under gloves.



The glove liners are made of poly-aramides or high density polypropylene or even combinations of stainless steel and synthetic fibers woven together. While selecting the glove liner care should be taken that the material does not decrease the dexterity and tactile sensitivity. These things are also affected by the sizes of the liners. The properly sized liners.

Glove liners: Why are they needed?

Glove liners are so made that they are cut resistant to a large extent. They maintained the same sensitivity of the hand. The liners also reduce the perforation of the inner glove. It is a known fact that all kinds of surgical operations are undertaken with members of the surgical team wearing sterile gloves. Wearing glove liners together with sterile surgical gloves helps in protecting the patient from contamination with bacteria from members of the surgical team and at the same time protect the surgical team from the body fluids of the patient. Double-gloving or wearing glove liners is becoming more common nowadays not only for protecting against infection but also for surgery where sharp surfaces are formed as in dental or orthopedic surgery.

Glove liner does protect the latex gloves, without apparently affecting surgical performance.

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