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Cosmetic surgeons rely on years of medical research, practice and experience when deciding which operations and which instruments to use to perform complicated surgeries, like plastic surgery, on theirpatients . Plastic surgery scissors are an important component of any cosmetic surgery procedure.



What are plastic surgery scissors?

Plastic surgery scissors come under the category of microsurgical scissors. They are very fine and perform the delicate tasks of dissecting, cutting, holding, clamping, manipulating and suturing tissue during the restorative surgery. They are light weight and very delicate. Care should be taken that they are not used for any other purposes. Their structure can not tolerate overstress.

Plastic surgery scissors perform a variety of surgical techniques that cannot be achieved by other blades or scissors. Designed specifically for cosmetic/plastic surgery, these scissors perform any type of plastic surgery efficiently and reliably. There are wide variety of plastic surgery scissors, precise tools for the most specific of plastic surgery procedures.

All of high quality, medical grade plastic surgery scissors are made of stainless steel. They are autoclavable. Other metals like chromium is also used and they are the are the economical scissors. But for long lasting performance and durability, stainless steels scissors are preferred.

Types of plastic surgery scissors  

Plastic surgery scissors are available with either straight blades or curved blades, to guarantee the right tool to perform any plastic surgery technique.
Curved-tip plastic surgery scissors are popular because of their versatility. They are designed with either blunt or sharp points and can be with smooth blades or or serrated blades.

The straight-tip plastic surgery scissors  are always trusted because of their traditional design. They are also available with either sharp or blunt tips and also with either smooth or serrated blades. These scissors are used not only to perform one surgery after another, but they can also be implemented in a number of situations, from post-operative examinations to follow-up examinations.
Besides the straight- or curved-tip plastic surgery scissors, there are also straight scissors, with one sharp and one blunt point available with either serrated or smooth for added flexibility and maneuverability.

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