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Elevators are multipurpose boone tools used to elevate, dissect, or scrape bones. Certain elevators are used for tissues and elevators.

Periosteal Elevators
They are used to strip portions of the membrane (periosteum) covering the exterior surface of a bone. Periosteal Elevators are used for trauma, spinal and other bone and soft tissue procedures. They are well balanced equipment with enough hardness to maintain the sharp edges. In the oral surgery, they are used to separate the tooth or the bone from the fibrous surroundings. Periosteal Elevator is also used to access the root and may also be used as a retractor.


Root Elevators
Root elevators are essential for any dental surgery. They act as levers in tooth extraction. A root elevator loosens the teeth in their sockets, removes parts of teeth and may be used to remove a complete tooth. Root elevators come in many sizes and shapes. The straight root elevators have working ends in line with the handle and a concave surface.

The spade/wedge-type root elevators have spade or wedge-type working ends. In the angled-type root elevators the handles are in line with the shank, but the working ends are set at an angle. These elevators are designed to elevate a tooth or large root fragment. Apical root tip pick elevators are used to remove fractured root tips lodged deep in the root socket.

Malar Elevator
The facial bone that forms the cheek is called the zygoma or malar bone. An injury to this bone often causes a depressed fracture. If this occurs, the densit will use a malar elevator to raise the bone to its normal position.



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