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Surgical gloves are the items of protective equipment for the doctors and surgeons as much for the patient. The gloves reduce the risk of exposure to pathogens for the health worker as well as the patient. Any health worker wears a glove whenever there is a possibility of hand coming in contact with the infectious materials, mucous membranes or non-intact skin, when performing vascular access procedures; and when handling contaminated items or surfaces.

The gloves need to be changed at every instance of getting contaminated. An added precaution is that the hands should be washed every time before wearing and after removing the gloves.


Types of gloves

As per the usage there are two broad categories of gloves: medical grade or examination gloves that are non-sterile and surgical grade gloves that are sterile.

Medical-grade gloves are manufactured with natural rubber latex or synthetic rubber materials, like vinyl, neoprene, nitrile, polyurethane or other synthetic compounds. While selecting the type of examination glove the material properties should be taken into consideration. Vinyl gloves can be used for short duration tasks where the stress on the gloves and exposure to body fluids is less. On the contrary latex gloves can be used when the exposure to the body fluids is more. They are also more durable and flexible.

One has to be more selective while selecting surgical gloves. They can be latex or synthetic and the selection is as per personal preference and the requirement of the procedure. Standard white latex, powder-free latex, orthopedic latex (a thicker material) are few types of commonly used ones.

Features of surgical gloves

  • Easy donning and removal.
  • Soft and comfortable in use.
  • Secure grip and handling.
  • Low allergenicity


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