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Medical_art  Tongue Forceps

Tongue forceps are sturdy tools used for holding the tongue while piercing it. They can be locked for a secure grip. They may be slotted or the standard type. All you need to clip these forceps on and they will not slip off. They are used for most piercings, but they are most perfect for tongues and hence the name. They come in standard and slotted styles. Once the piercing is done, the forceps can be removed.

They are made of high quality surgical stainless steel and are non-locking forceps designed especially for tongue piercing. They are serrated on the inner side of the loops that a better grip is ensured on the tongue. There is a small slot in the loops so that the tongue forceps can be easily removed after inserting the piercing needle. There are some surgical tongue forceps with wide rubber tipped ends.





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