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Towel-clamp forceps or simply towel clamps are used to maintain surgical towels and drapes in the correct position during an operation. They are locking type forceps with curved ends. The beak may be pointed or blunt and flat. They may even overlap in closed position. An important type of towel clamp forceps is Backhaus towel clamp which is a kind of locking forceps with curved, pointed tips.


There are different varieties of towel clamp forceps in different sizes which are employed in surgical procedures . Many of the towel clamps are made of stainless steel or other sterilizable materials which can be recovered, autoclaved or sterilized, and reused.

Importance of towel clamps

There are many surgical clamps available in the market which generate excessive closing pressures in their usual closed position. This might cause damage to the delicate walls of pinched blood vessels. There are some surgical clamps which require special tools for opening the jaws of the clamp to receive a blood vessel. There are some which require another tool to re-open and remove the clamps when the surgical procedure is completed. In order to avoid such disadvantages, most surgeons now prefer to use towel clamp forceps.

Towel clamp forceps are used to connect toweling which drapes or covers those regions of a surgical patient's anatomy which are not exposed during the surgical procedure. The towel is usually made from non-woven fabric and intended to be discarded after a single use. In order to secure the towels during any surgical operation, it becomes necessary to use towel clamps which are recovered after each operation for sterilization and reuse.




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