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Dissecting scissors are widely used in hospitals and health care units for any surgical procedure. These scissors are made for fine dissection work. These scissors are available in a wide variety. Iris and tenotomy scissors are different kinds of dissecting scissors.

Types of dissecting scissors
Dissecting scissors may have curved or straight blades. The straight scissors have very sharp tips. The two sharp point blades in the dissecting scissors find great use where any dissection work is needed or in professional laboratory or in any home. The curved scissors are more preferred by the surgeons for dissecting as they provide better vision of the operated area. The tips of scissors are also used to spread and probe the area of incision. The smaller sizes are used at the surface, the larger sizes deeper in the cavities. This curved blades have tips that are rounded to avoid possible damage to structures during dissection.


Most of the dissecting scissors are made with high quality stainless steel. Some scissors are made with chrome plated steel. Most dissecting scissors have sand finish or high-grade polished stainless steel finish. Chrome plating scissors are cost effective.

Advantages of dissecting scissors

  • Functionality.
  • Smooth operation.
  • Engineered and designed for proper tension.
  • If it is too loose, there will be poor cutting.
  • Correct tension, combined with blade sharpness in such scissors results in quality cutting every time.
  • Quality Appearance.


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