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Cauteries are widely used in any kind of surgical procedures. Cautery has in use from a very long time. Cautery is an instrument or tool to sear or destruct a living animal or human tissue by use of heat or caustic chemicals. In the past, cauterization of open wounds or other surgical operation like amputation

of a limb was performed with hot irons which helped in closing off the bleeding vessels so as to protect from infection. With the advancement of technology, today, cauterization is done either by the application of a caustic substance like nitric acid or by the use of an electrically charged platinum wire, also known as electrocautery.

What are cauteries?
Cauteries are instruments that use heat or caustic substances to destroy tissue or coagulate blood. It is one of the simplest and the commonest electrical device used in surgery. It uses battery power to generate DC current and such that the current does not enter the patient's body. It is considered as a surgical instrument to destroy tissue by burning, cutting, searing or scarring, including caustic and electric currents, lasers.

Uses of cauteries
Cauteries are popular for many medical procedures like as follows:
  • Pinpointing hemostasis.
  • Controlling diffuse bleeders.
  • Vasectomies.
  • Evacuation of a subungal hematoma.
  • Sculpting woven grafts.
  • Used on small lesions to close off a bleeding point in the nasal mucous membrane.
  • To remove a wart or other benign lesion.
  • Common in ophthalmic or other minor surgical procedures.
  • Good for coagulating minor bleeding.
General applications
  • General and plastic surgery
  • Gynecology
  • Oncology
  • Veterinary
  • ORL
  • Opthalmology etc.

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