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Medical_art  Tuberculin Syringes

The Tuberculin syringes are a popular category of needle syringes comprising a barrel with a printed scale, into which a needle of respective size is fixed or glued on. The normal size of such syringe is 1cc syringe which is fitted with a white/ blue/orange plunger with standard graduations. The piston together with sealing ensures the function.

Such syringes are made of health-safe materials, usually fabricated with chemical resistant borosilicate glass, having easy-to-read accurate calibration lines. They have clear, bold scale markings which helps in ensuring accurate dosage control.

Tuberculin syringes are very popular in pediatric units. These syringes are often used primarily for skin tests or small subcutaneous doses. Tuberculin syringes are also used inappropriately as an oral syringe.


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