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Medical_art  Tenotomy Scissors

Tenotomy scissors are important surgical scissors used for delicate surgery on eyelids, lips, etc, where extreme control is necessary. They are ideal for tissue dissection. They are available in different lengths and sizes, to suit various surgical procedures

Uses of tenotomy scissors
Tenotomy scissors have both the blades sharp or blunt and they may be curved or straight. The fine tip tenotomy scissors are precision scissors that can be used in neuro-surgery, dissection and transplant around critical structures. Sharp tips in such scissors are used for fine delicate cutting whereas blunt tips for blunt dissection of delicate tissue, mucous membrane, conjunctiva. These scissors have a fine tip for fine or delicate surgical dissection.


Types of tenotomy scissors
  • Straight, blunt.
  • Curved, blunt.
  • Straight, sharp.
  • Straight, light model, blunt tips.
  • Straight, large ribbon style rings.
  • Straight, standard model, blunt tips.
  • Curved, sharp.
  • Curved, light model, blunt tips.
  • Curved, ribbon style rings.
  • Curved, standard model, blunt tip.

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