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Iris scissors are designed for eye surgery and not for skin surgery and hence the name. Iris scissors are used for remove necrotic tissue. These are very sharp, pointed scissors, available with either curved or angular cutting blades. Straight scissors are for flat surfaces. They are fine, curved scissors that follow the contours of tissue in a small area. They are rather handy multipurpose scissors for cutting dressings, gauze, tape, and curved ones are especially good for cutting duoderm and ostomy wafers. They are considered to be good starting scissors for beginners in dissection. Besides being used as operating scissors, iris scissors are very useful for fine cutting in embroidery as well.

Iris scissors are made with carbon steel wire and chrome plated. These are considered to be economical scissors. The expensive ones are made with fine quality stainless steel. They are usually sand finish or mirror polished.

Types of Iris scissors
  • Surgical Straight Scissors: Straight iris scissors cut along flat surfaces.
  • Surgical Curved Scissors: Fine, curved iris scissors follow the contours of tissue in a small area.
Iris scissors features precision ground blades which help in effortless cutting. These scissors have fine points for fine dissection work.


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