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Surgical Forceps
Medical_art  Grasping Forceps

Grasping forceps are used to remove stones and remove foreign objects under direct vision. These forceps are three or two pronged with hooked tips. This typical design allows the objects to be released easily. The hooks facilitates secure grasping of both large and small objects. The prong wires are rounded to allow atraumatic manipulation. They can be easily passed through the flexible endoscopes.



Features and benefits

  • They grip and hold stones securely.
  • They are deigned with exclusive locking mechanism.
  • Advancement and retraction in such forceps is almost friction-free.
  • Grasping forceps significantly reduces hand fatigue
  • The unique locking handle of grasping forceps provides comfort and security.
  • A three- or four-pronged hook design in such forceps gives the surgeon a greater control during stone retrieval.
  • These graspers attach to the stone surface securely but can also be easily released.
  • They are reusable as they are autoclavable.
  • Grasping forceps are useful for manipulating tissues, debridement and foreign body retrieval.
  • Tapered tip allows for visualization of target tissue.
  • They are excellent for both fine and larger membranes



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