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Dressing forceps are a popular type of tissue forceps. They are used for dressing wounds and pealing off the dressing. In medical language, dressing forceps is defined as a slender forceps for grasping or holding gauze or sutures and removing small fragments of necrosed tissues and other foreign bodies in dressing wounds. These forceps are widely used to care for wounds and remove dressing. They are larger and resemble something more in the realm of tongs.

Dressing forceps usually look like tweezer. Dressing forceps may be curved or straight tipped with serrated beak. In some cases it may be smooth. They have scissor-like handles for grasping lint, drainage tubes, etc. There are dressing forceps with a range of curvatures specific to the type of surgery the surgeon is performing



Types of dressing forceps

There are different varieties of dressing forceps.

  • There are small eye dressing forceps for ophthalmologists. There are standard eye dressing forceps in half curved, curved or straight serrated beaks. These forceps feature extra fine tips and are available in various lengths.
  • There are thumb dressing forceps in various lengths. They are perfect for general purpose use. They are used by surgeons that require dressing forceps designed for general purposes. All have serrated handles and tips. They can withstand the rigors of regular use. Standard thumb dressing forceps are straight with serrated tips.
  • There is another popular variety of dressing forceps known as Adson dressing forceps. They have wide, comfortable, serrated handles that taper to a medium serrated tip.
  • There are other variety of dressing forceps with special designs and angles for sensitive operations .



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