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Sponge forceps, also known as sponge-holding forceps, are an important equipment in any surgical procedure, especially in gynecological procedures. They may be straight or curved and have smooth or serrated jaws. The jaws are rounded and provide an atraumatic grip.



Applications of sponge forceps
While sponge forceps have proven useful in a variety of new surgical techniques, they are most popularly used in gynecological procedures.

Gynecological procedure

  • Sponge forceps are used both in surgical and non-surgical gynecological procedures.
  • They are atraumatically hold the viscera or bladder, pull out and examine the cervix or clamp off the cervix if it is torn.
  • They can be used to manipulate the tissue while the doctor performs anysurgical procedure.
  • They are used in surgical female sterilization and abortion procedures.
  • They are valuable tools in a variety of surgical birth control strategies.
  • They are used to remove the stuck membranes which are discovered while doctors perform cervical examinations.
  • They can clamp onto cervical tissue to prevent bleeding.
  • Sponge forceps are used during post-partum examinations to hold and examine the cervix for tearing and to set the cervix while suturing or stitching vaginal tears.
  • Sponge forceps are also used to clamp the cervix during a procedure known as Vaginal Uterine Artery Ligation. This procedure helps reduce the loss of blood and also reduces the risk of post-partum hysterectomy.
  • Other gynecological uses for sponge forceps include application of an onlay graft during a direct inguinal hernia repair.
  • They are used in gripping and twisting off polyps during polypectomy.
Other surgical procedures
  • Sponge forceps are used to precisely and atraumatically insert IUD’s.
  • Sponge forceps assist doctors in a number of operations.
  • Surgeons consider sponge forceps standard thoracic instruments when performing lung surgeries like bullectomies.
  • The blunt tips in such forceps offer excellent tools to grasp and collapse the lung.
  • They can manipulate lung tissue for complete exploration.
  • Surgeons use sponge forceps with tonsil wipes to treat pleural abrasions.
  • They are also used in colposcopy operations to hold dry or moist cotton balls.
  • Sponge forceps can also handlle sponges, gauzes, or sensitive medical supplies



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