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A resuscitator is a device using positive pressure to inflate the lungs of an unconscious person who is not breathing, with the hope of keeping the person oxygenated and alive. It forms one of the most essential parts of any emergency kit. Resuscitators are usually made from silicon rubber and autoclavable


Types of resuscitators

Several types of resuscitators are in use in hospitals and healthcare units. They are as follows:

  • The automatic tank resuscitator: This consists of a face mask that fits tightly over the nose and mouth. It is connected by a tube to one or more tanks of gas. Through the action of automatic valves, pressurized oxygen enters the mask. A second tank also exist which contain carbon dioxide, small amounts of which are mixed with oxygen, and it serves to activate the respiratory center in the brain.
  • The manual tank resuscitator: Manual Resuscitator also known as a bag mask has a mask and a hand squeezed plastic bulb. The ambient air is squeezed in to the mask through the bulb. Breathing bag uses an oxygen source instead of air. It uses a regulator to deliver oxygen from a high-pressure oxygen tank. This can directly be attached to the breathing tube if it is in place. Unlike an automatic tank resuscitators, here the oxygen flow is regulated by the operator
Resuscitators are available in various sizes. The standard size and capacity is given below:
Size Bellow Capacity Oxygen Reservoir Capacity
Adult 1500ml. 2600ml.
Child 500ml. 700ml.
Infant 500ml. 250ml.

Resuscitators have simple and safe construction which make them suitable for use in acute situations. The manual resuscitator is the most commonly used ans also practical for routine use in hospitals such as during patient transfer from OT to ICU or other departments or as a backup to ventilators and anesthesia machines. The Manual Resuscitator usually has a ventilation system for safety and ease of use. Most resuscitators are reusable and can be sterilized by autoclaving.



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