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Medical_art  Stitch Scissors

Stitch scissors are available in wide variety. They are indispensable in most operating rooms, hospitals, and doctors’ clinics. Stitch scissors are used for cutting the sutures. They are available in various lengths and their usage depend on the length of the stitch. Stitch scissors are designed to perform general to the most specific of procedures and tasks.

All stitch scissors are made of surgical stainless steel. They are autoclavable. They are designed with sharp or blunt tips and curved, hooked or blunt curved blades. The top blade of the scissor is straight and the lower one is either hooked or curved out ward. The bottom blade is blunt and can easily lift and grasp the suture to be snipped. Also known as suture scissors, they are equipped with a serrated blade for tough situations.


There are 6, 5-1/2 inch, 4-3/4 inch. 4-1/2 inch etc. straight or curved tip stitch scissors with a light pattern tip or specialized tip designs that can accommodate any procedure that requires their use. There are curved stitch scissors measuring 3-1/2 inch in length, and are available with straight, or bent tip blades. They are used to perform well in smaller spaces.

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