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It is always very necessary to have high performance tools available at all times in an operation theater of a clinic when you’re performing an emergency operation or removing a splinter. When it comes to performing routine or emergency operations and examinations, Splinter forceps are very essential to perform a variety of specific or generic applications when your hands alone are not sufficient. Whether you are looking for versatility, durability, performance, or excellent value, Splinter forceps is a wise option for replacing worn or outdated equipment or as a new addition to any hospital



What are splinter forceps?
Splinter forceps are fine tipped forceps used to remove the finest splinters from the body. It is an essential first aid instrument and available in various sizes and variations. For example:

  • They are available with smooth tips for removing sutures, dressings or other objects.
  • They are available with serrated tips for removing splinters or tissues.
  • There are straight tips forceps, available in different sizes, for precision handling of small or delicate objects.
  • There are also angled tips or curved splinter forceps.
  • Some splinter forceps come with a magnifier, which offers additional precision and versatility.
  • There are some splinter forceps having finger loops and extended shafts for accurate extraction or manipulation of body tissue or other applications.
Types of splinter forceps
There are different types of splinter forceps.
  • Thumb-Held splinter forceps are used to handle sutures, bandages or other objects. They can handle by the pressure exerted by squeezing them with the thumb and two or three fingers, like a normal tweezers, in spaces that fingers cannot access.
  • Peet Splinter Forceps are another option,with curved tip design for superior control and maneuverability.
  • Carmalt's splinter forceps, straight/curved: They are short forceps (about 10 cm in length) and have triangular pointed tips. These tips have serrations that are kept in alignment by a small pin at the broadest area of the tip. Preferred by dermatologie surgeons .
  • Walter's splinter forceps, straight/curved.
  • Hunter's splinter forceps, straight/curved .
  • Arthur's splinter forceps, box joint, straight.
  • Stieglitz's splinter forceps, box joint, straight .
  • Ralk's splinter forceps, box joint etc.



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